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Freedom RSX Freedom RSX Freedom RSX Freedom RSX Freedom RSX Freedom RSX Freedom RSX
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Freedom RSX Introduction
Reverse airflow technology
In line microphone
sound range
brilliant design
  • The Azatom® Freedom® RSX earphones are the latest earphones in the Freedom® range.
  • The RSX have been designed and developed incorporating the latest acoustic technology to ensure stunning sound.
  • Patented ‘Reverse Sound Technology’ (RST) is combined with Azatom’s expertise in airflow and driver tuning to create a superb sounding set of earphones.

The Reverse Sound Technology incorporated into the RSX earphones involves the earphone drivers facing away from the eardrum. This radical departure from convention results in multiple benefits including safety, comfort and accurate sound reproduction particularly with regards to ‘timing’. The RST Technology changes how air reaches the eardrum and therefore how music is heard.

The Science behind the RST Technology…..

“The main body incorporates acoustic chambers directing the reverse sound waves from the rear end of the earphone to flow into the ear canal and then mix with the sound wave from the rear end of the speaker. The outside audio flow has a physical delay in relation to the audio flow from the rear end of the speaker thereby creating spatial and surround sound effects.”

The result of this mixing effect is a subtle improvement in the timing of music and this means that sounds are more accurate. The 2nd effect is the improvement in the spatial element of the sound. Together these effects mean that instruments and voices sound real and a live performance sounds live.

The RSX’s drivers themselves have been tuned to deliver balance with startling dynamics and realism across the frequency curve: The mid-range is detailed and the highs are controlled. When tuning the RSX's we wanted to have an open, expansive sound with accurate bass without adding more bass than in the original recording includes.

The earphones come with a carry case and 6 sets of eartips including special foam-filled silicon tips which give the earphones 2 distinct sound signatures. The RSX's housings themselves are made in high quality metal with a gunmetal finish and the Azatom® blue ring.

  • Professional Earphones with Patented "Reverse Sound Technology" (RST), Airflow ports, Custom-designed Metallic Housing for powerful, bass-driven stereo sound
  • Custom drivers tuned to deliver a Rich, Balanced Acoustic Profile with Deep, Accurate Bass and Clear, Strong Mids and Treble.
  • Comes with 6 sets of Ear Tips including "Silicon" & special "Foam-filled Silicon" (both S/M/L) to give you 2 distinct sound signatures. The 3 sizes ensure a Great Fit with Excellent Noise Isolation. Also includes a Stylish Carry Case, User Manual, Colour Gift Box and AZATOM® Warranty Card
  • Built to last and look great. Discrete Black and Titanium Housings with a narrow Azatom-blue band gives a great Professional look. Anti-Tangle Cable with Strong Cable Protector
  • The Freedom® RSX's. Part of the Azatom® Freedom® range. Music in High-Definition.



  • Patented "Reverse Sound Technology"
  • Custom drivers
  • Comes with 6 sets of Ear Tips
  • Built to last and look great.
  • Music in High-Definition.


Compatible with all Phones, Tablets and Laptops

Driver Type 11mm RST Dynamic Driver
Product Weight 15gms
Input Types Right-angled gold plated 3.5mm input
Cable Type Anti-Tangle Flat Cable
Accessories Travel Case

3 x Silicon Eartips (S/M/L)

3 x Silicon Memory Foam Eartips (S/M/L)
Impedence 32 ohms
Sensitivity 100+/- 3dB (at 1KHz)
Frequency response 20Hz - 20KHz

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Model:Freedom RSX
Freedom RSX
Price: £28.99
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