Venture VT100 Alexa-Enabled Speaker

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alexa-enabled smart speaker

You can talk to Alexa on your Venture. With Alexa, you can ask to play music, hear the news, check weather, control smart home devices, and more. Alexa lives in the cloud, so it's always getting smarter, adding new capabilities that are delivered to your device automatically. Using Alexa on your Venture is simple and hands-free - just ask, and Alexa will respond instantly.

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ideal for multi-room and music

Connect upto 8 Alexa-enabled Venture speakers at a time for music throughout your home via the Venture Player APP. Stream all your favourite music from Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music and many more streaming services. The flexible system means you can add speakers whenever you're ready. You'll enjoy seamless access to all your favourite tracks and online music services. Customize sound settings and control multi-room listening. Play your music on several speakers at once or play different music at the same time in different rooms.

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dual drivers and airflow

The Venture has 28 Watts and has been designed with all Azatom's proprietary acoustic technology for amazing sound quality. Custom digital amplifier technology and dual full-range drivers with Azatom airflow and bass port technology deliver room-filling sound.

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multi-connectivity options

Choose between WiFi, Bluetooth and Aux-in. Anything you play on one Venture you can automatically play on the rest of your multi-room group. The choice of playing options ensure the Venture will always be available for your music.

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Troubleshooting guide

You can find our troubleshooting guide right here to help answer any questions you might have when settinging up or using your Venture VT100 Alexa-Enabled Smart Speaker.